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From: ttrotsky2 <TTrotsky_at_K1pOZNZ-7rReVMmq_EmYra-juJi80t_aojJqHA7dT3ulCOEePxWXqaN2E2eONiC3ZLY>
Date: Tue, 04 Dec 2007 16:56:14 -0000

> > There's a little bit about this in Lords of the West 2,
> in what ??? :)

Lords of the West 2: Kingdom of the Flamesword. I'll be the first to admit that Lords of the West 1: Heroes of Malkion isn't out yet (although it is next to go), but LotW2 has been written and a complete draft submitted - there's just a few other books ahead of it in the queue, that's all. :)

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