Is the Block grass friendly ?

From: Gregory Privat <gloarmy_at_o7gDRXokGxYaUXAN0kSV84cQGdRAIrtl8Kky712Tq5O_QB02XG_p7bcWQRg_ZGMuuxkj>
Date: Wed, 05 Dec 2007 22:55:39 -0000

Hi all,

I m "making" the Block.

I was wondering while painting it if there is any plant life on it.

This would be for those reasons :

So the only reason to not have plant life on it would be in the nature of true stone (I thought about its size and oxygen missing, but i don t think it make any sense in a Gloranthan setting and I m not even sure it s high enough).

Speaking about altitude : could there even be some snow at the top (I would say no, but i m not sure.

Also in a "visual" way, it would looks more cool (even if it must be tested).

I m not speaking about a green Block with a white cap, but what do you think of some bits of green in crevaces and maybe some little bits of snow/ice close to the top ?

SO here I am, asking it : Is the block Plant friendly and is there snow at the top ?

I beg your pardon for the horrible english,

Greg(ory Privat)            

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