Re: The Old Man and the Feldichi

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Date: Fri, 07 Dec 2007 14:24:54 GMT

In message <> "jorganos" writes:

>>> Does this mean that the elves retain memories of the Feldichi?
>> I think it does. The dwarves certainly do. They forget nothing!
>Except when their harddisks get damaged, like the implosion of the Spike.
>And it begs the question how well those two races overcome the
>forgetting that destruction (or rather un-recation) by Chaos brings.

The dwarves have a backup copy. Unfortunatly they need the World Machine fixed to read it properly. And they need to read the backup to tell them how to fix the World Machine. They are working on the problem.....

The Aldryami are supposed to have a shared memory within each forest. So unless the whole forest is destroyed the memory still exists. And I can imagine a forest faced with destruction sending out messengers to other forests to pass on the memory. Not that it will work every time but usually.

Donald Oddy


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