[joke] Re: Written Western languages

From: Gregory Privat <gloarmy_at_90XCt57hRqI2w_NorVRM1FGNfn3fy5aFpJKRwfp6JleyQ1rr2g3TU7ajt0gUP5YFA03T>
Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2007 22:04:56 +0100

> Greg wrote :
> "After all, no one disagrees that Malkion is His Son or His Prophet,
> and
> since Malkion was a man, made in Hi Image, then of course Makan is a
> man."

And a current "joke" in women society is " Since Malkion was a man, made in her image, but still a pale copy of the Original, then of course She was a Girl." (if someone want to rewrite this in proper english, I wont mind).

Grégory Privat

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