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Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2007 23:20:41 -0000

Bryan, quoting from canon
> "The length of the day varies from summer to winter, as does Yelm's
> appearance. In the height of summer, he is a bright blinding gold that
> blazes high in the Sky. In the depths of winter, Yelm is a sickly pale
> yellow that hangs low and limps across the sky. On a few frightening
> occasions in historical times he has been so dim that stars were
> visible in the daytime. "

> No reference to how much it varies/terrestrial latitude equivalent.
> So I'd say "whatever seems most familiar to the group (on average)"
> makes good sense, in a YGMV sort of way.

There ought to be no latitudinal difference to Gloranthan day length. The fact that each noon has the sun almost vertically above has always been one of the stranger facts of Glorantha to me (more so than any horizon theories).

The sky dome wobbles so that Pole Star is slightly north of the vertical axis in midsummer and notably south of it in midwinter. In summer, the sun is closer to the Sky Dome (and more of its heat gets reflected?), in winter it is lower (closer to the realms of Middle Air), and provides less heat.

Another explanation for winters being colder could be the fire spill to southern Pamaltela.

Anyway, Glorantha is too small to show significant latitudinal differences on either continent, although the continents might experience differences in day length. The far regions where this could matter are subject to stranger effects (Altinela, Nargan Sea).            

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