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YGWV kwantikanti wrote:

> The Old Man and the Feldichi
> > The Old Man was an ancient god that lay with Dorasa during the God
> > Time. Together they created the Feldichi or "Wise People," the
> > ancient inhabitants of Dorasor.
> Gasp, sorry, I'm lost... ;-)
> I know the Feldichi only thanks to Dorastor : Land of Doom.
> Who is this "Dorasa" ? What is "Dorasor" ?
> Are they just gregged DorasTa / DorasTor ? Or is it more serious, doctor
> ? ;-)

No gregging going on here.

I'm not able to look anything up here, so will shoot from the cuff.

I am guessing that Dorasta is from some publicaton?

Asume Dorasa = Dorasta.

I am pretty sure Dorasor is a typo for Dorastor.


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