Eating Slime Deer

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Date: Sun, 23 Dec 2007 08:32:55 -0800

I ask that people use a different Subject line when they start a new thread, especially if you want an answer from me. I don't read everything in the list, especially when I have made an answer, it is a simple subject, one expressing YGWV opinions, etc.

YGWV kwantikanti wrote:

> And please, while I think of it, I have a question about Slime Deer as
> they are described in D:LoD :
> "The Slime Deer of Dorastor are revolting beasts that date from the
> conversion of the Sleek Deer God to chaos during the Chaos Wars (...)
> their flesh is edible, though mealy and possessed of a foul aftertaste."

These creatures are taken from a short story I wrote back in the 60's. If we are lucky it will reappear in an anthology of rpg fiction that might appear soon.

> There was a discussion here some months ago about the fact that to eat a
> chaotic thing means that one can become "tainted" with Chaos. Does it
> apply to these appetizing Slime Deer ? ;-)

I would say so.


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