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> Well, I am sat here in the tropics (Minas Gerais, Brazil, so within
> the Tropic) and let me tell you it is definitely summer.
> Six months ago it definitely was not.
> :)
> Sam.

No doubt. :) but I suspect that's driven at least in part by elevation.

I used to live on Oahu, Hawai'i, which is apparently further north than you are south. Where I lived, on the coast, seasons were a matter of rainfall amount (more in winter, less in summer) not temperature. My apartment had no heat, which was a bit scary for a Wisconsin native. Inland, at higher elevations, it did get cold at night in the winter. Mona Kea always had snow on the peak, regardless of the season, due to elevation.

(I'm about 80km from 45 degrees N, 45 west. It was -18 c this morning, about 0 f. Brisk.)



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