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> Well nearly all the published maps show Pamaltela having no southern
> coast and Genertela no northern one. Discussions about the northern
> and southern edges of the maps talk about strange edge of world
> phenomina. So the assumption that the edge of the sky dome are also
> the edge of the world is reasonable. As far as east and west are
> concerned it could be considerably further to those edges although
> ten times would give a very elongated dome. Alternatively it could
> merely appear to be ten times further because distance is distorted
> as you travel there.

Well, we are only talking about Sandy's Glorantha, which may differ from Greg's - although Greg's recent statement 'it extends much, much farther out at the edges' implies that, while the numbers may be different, the basic idea may not be. Anyway, as I recall Sandy's explanation, there are no outer coasts on the maps, because the continents are far bigger than just the mortal inhabited bits - in other words, what's off the northern edge of the map is more land, and lots of it. Land inhabited by demigods and other weirdness to be sure, and probably not readily plottable by cartographers, but land nonetheless. And, once you *do* get to the far coast, there is then a truly vast stretch of Sramak's River to cross before you actually reach the edge of the Sky Dome.

But, of course, YGWV.

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