Re: Consequence when breaking the caste taboo's in rokari society

From: ttrotsky2 <TTrotsky_at_txj4MY7FCmsfJhrLEAciCP964mX-UQClO9O8VwDJAUzDlAgPoBJe-4GXbegRxFWmI2d>
Date: Sun, 06 Jan 2008 10:18:26 -0000

Oh, I think we all know what 'next year' means in terms of Gloranthan publications :)

Seriously, I'd expect MotW1: Heroes of Malkion to be out this year, since its the very next book on the publishing schedule. The Aldryami book is #2 in the queue, so the earliest MotW2 could possibly be out is directly after that, and there may well be other books ahead of it in the schedule, too. So, although the complete manuscript has been submitted, I wouldn't necessarily hold your breath waiting for it to be released. But, since Rick doesn't make announcements that far ahead (and who can blame him?), I know no more than you do.

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