A few Sartar questions

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Date: Mon, 07 Jan 2008 12:06:18 -0000

I've been reading 'History of the Heortling Peoples'.

It seems that Sartar was the enemy of Belintar, and that he at least expected his family to follow this line. Considering the way the Heortlings hold grudges, and that Sartar is the wyter of the royal family and the whole kingdom this doesn't seem likely to change.

Despite this, I remember seeing references to there having been an ambassador from the Holy Country present in Boldhome.

What was the relationship like in 1600? Did Belintar aid Sartar against the Empire? I expect He did, but how open was this help, and did the bad relationships hurt any attempted cooperation.


Sartar was presumably a traditional Heortling high king, as well as having his own heroic powers of transformation and change. He supposed to have inheritable heroic powers that the princes of Sartar displayed. What are these like? I'm mostly thinking about Salinarg the Doomed. What sort of magic would he bring to the battlefield, and what would his personal presense be like? Is he leading the battle like a general protected by his bodyguard, or is he flying in the air born by a great wind? Did the formation of the Household of Death effect this, or is their relationship the mythical one between Orlanth and his champion Humakt?


PS. It looks like the Volsaxi tribe is independent of any kingdom. Did I get this right?            

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