Re: Thief saints in Seshnela

From: vesa.randelin <vesa.randelin_at_UaR75TFH5XHu7vnJfjoaPloiJgOm8qDH5IZRMIe0lFKMssyiHiobMl37BS6OE0>
Date: Mon, 07 Jan 2008 21:27:35 -0000

That's what I am thinking too. The guild itself sees nothing wrong in stealing. That's how the thieves earn a living, for them the stealing is like farming for a peasant. These thieves are honourable, they are not just a bunch of vile criminals, they have their rules too. For example murder or killing without a reason is against their code. They are thieves, not assassins or murderers.

The guild is mostly seen as heretic group as I already mentioned so the inquisitional order of Golden Lance is desperatelly trying to locate the guild and punish them. Still some of the authorities may turn on the guild if needed, but ofcourse this isn't mentioned in public.

About that beggar saint then. I see that the common saints in Sesnela also takes care about the poor. There are poor boxes in churches and in bigger cities the church tries to feed the poor (some one correct me if this ain't the rokari way at all).            

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