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Date: Mon, 07 Jan 2008 20:37:58 GMT

In message <p06240802c3a5e17581a2_at_[]> David Dunham writes:
>>How to reconcile the references to spring, summer and winter in
>>the published material? I'd go for nearest fit translations.
>What's to reconcile? My game is set in Anadikki, which has four
>seasons. Those are what hunter-gatherers, herders, and farmers care
>about. The Orlanthi god-talkers also keep track of the sacred
>calendar, to hold the five seasonal holy days (and Sacred Time).

Which implies an immigrant community retaining their traditional religious calendar in spite of it being out of sync with practical reality.

I would have expected the Orlanthi religion to be more flexible. If the clan moves to an area where the harvest is ready a week after Reaping Day then the Barntar godi would move the festival and provide a theologial explanation that most of the clan would neither bother about or understand. Otherwise the Orlanthi of Sartar would still be using a religious calendar based on the farming patterns of Heortland/Esrolia.

Donald Oddy


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