Re: Towers of Dara Happa

From: Nicholas Pagnucco <nick.the.nevermet_at_FPyoJ2XG2deZ3TL6hWPEuLH-4Y0neYQmWc5HBPW6jAwKMrQZGUe-Sfquwz>
Date: Wed, 09 Jan 2008 00:12:15 -0000

Ouch. I walked into that one ;)

> Towers suggest trees. Building trees of stone were part of an
> ancient pact with the Aldryami that allowed them to survive the
> Darkness. Or maybe kept the Aldryami from destroying them.

The latter would definitely appear to be a necessary condition for the former.

Also, I assume the various invading groups (Dara Happans, Alkothings, etc.) were the city lords who built the towers. The original Darjinni settlers, being animists, would have come up with other ways of appeasing the Aldryami than building towers as stone trees, correct? An underlying theme in the HQ books I've read seems to be that urban society is inconsistent with animism.            

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