Re: Consequence when breaking the caste taboo's in rokari society

From: Gregory Privat <gloarmy_at_X0G0YaeStJn9npc-TjEdeCjTwQQM-0kC04CdGDlUR-xwRk14wmuVX3-VbAm6ZdZ2B8zM>
Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2008 03:24:24 +0100

Le 8 janv. 08 à 13:58, a écrit :

> I know
> scythes waving in the air is a common image of peasant revolts but I
> can't imagine it being effective used as a weapon in that manner. A
> simple club would be better.

change the haft and put your scythe blade on it in a slightly different way and you get a "Fauchard". If that s too boring, just remember, before your revolt, to remove the scythe blade and to put it back in the other way (cut side to outside, not in your direction as in the normal way)... I wonder if anyone will understand what I mean...


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