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YGWV Andrew Solovay wrote:

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> > [Greg]
> >> Weapons, volunteers, money, refuge, but especially magical help is
> >> likely. The HC has a lot of "large scale" magic that Sartar---and
> >> certainly not the rebel agents--would not have. They could do things
> >> like promise, "I will have enough power to levitate five hundred men
> >> in this place on such a date, accessible only by priests of storm."
> >> ...
> >
> > Wow! That's utterly cool. The magical strength of Belintar, focusing
> > his "sixths" must indeed be very impressive, and the wealth will come
> > in handy.

Yes, he can do a couple of impressive things like that each year, but they require a lot of time beforehand, and if the initial conditions change, then the whole thing loses its focus and power.

And the Lunars can do it too, on an even larger scale if they wanted. They usually don't want to waste it on this. But when you read about the assault on Whitewall or Boldhome, you are seing some of thse large-scale Lunar effects.

> Though given that the anti-Lunar resistance is traditionalistic, they
may be
> most uncomfortable with Pharaonic magic. A cartload of silver, sure,
> great, you can spend that on all kinds of useful things. But using
> that comes from the weird, seductive juju of the man-god... they might
> like that's making a deal with the devil.

But a key to his power is that he does not use his magic. He instructs, requests, cajoles, occasionally demands and on occasion forces his subjects to do this stuff. So the vulture-eagles---they are a famous house in Esrolia.

> And if you're counting on Great
> Orlanth to help you preserve the Ancient Ways against those monstrous
> foreign innovations, well, maybe using foreign magic from the *south*
> (against the foreign magic from the north-west) will convince Great
> that you're not serious about it, and make him sit the whole damned
war out.
> Funny how the storm magic isn't working any more...

Really, though, Orlanth (due to the Great compromise) is not really capable of making this kind of decision. If it was against a foe that h had before the Compromise, he'd have something to work with. But when it is something that has happened entirely inside of history, like Belintar or the Lunar Goddess, then he has no prepared response at all. It is u to his worshippers.

> I can see the Sartarites using HC magic, but not being happy about it.
> ("Well, at least it isn't predark. I think.")

Again, most of the assistance would be indirect.

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