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YGWV David Weihe wrote:

> Places in the Underworld move around and it is impossible
> > to map the Underworld accurately - even for the God Learners!
> > Residents know where they are, more or less, just because
> > they too are a part of the Underworld.
> > a path through Hell that might have worked in one Heroquest
> > may turn out to be completely wrong in a later Quest!
> If this is known to Underworld questing cults (fairly logical),

It is known.

> I would
> expect that many of their Quests start with getting a Guide (of some
> sort, either your own cults minor beings, or by coercing a local) as
> one of the first steps.

Most quests start with obtaining, naming or recognizing a guide.

> Also, how does this affect Alkothi, whose mundane city is also part of
> the Underworld? Does every Shargashi know the Underworld as part of
> the Enclosure


> and thus like I know the backstreets of my town, or is
> anything outside of "normal" streets and buildings something like
> expecting NYC residents of a decade ago to know where Heere at the Wall
> is (to use an example from the movie National Treasure).

Alkoth is a part of the Underworld, but is contained within its walls. Thus the places within its walls do not change, they just change shape, location and size. The residents of Alkoth have a natural sense of where things are /inside their city/. They have a sense of the relationships of the places.


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