Re: Thief Saints and Caste

From: Jeff Richard <richaje_at_kZmKwR8jKtXjuerQOUC0pFytmC7z8-6WWZBpDYUzC4n3qC3zZspFZ5a0jx4GwWW8zBI1>
Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2008 09:24:59 -0000

> >I'm probably showing my inexperience again, but are there traditions
> >of iconodules and iconoclasts in the West?
> The Rokari have a tradition of iconoclasm which probably
> means the Seshnegi have a tradition of iconism.

Not necessarily. I think the Return to Rightness Crusaders who brought the Abiding Book to the Malkioni were iconoclastic. Or more precisely, they held the written word to above any misleading images or depiction. The name of the saint was far more meaningful than an inaccurate image or icon.

If I was going to place iconism somewhere in Genertela, I'd say it would be found in Fronela amongst the Irensavalists who do not follow the Abiding Book. And probably amongst the Malkioni of the Umathelan coast. And maybe in Maniria and various places in Safelster.


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