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Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2008 15:23:55 -0500

This has been a fascinating thread. I haven't explored much of Western Glorantha, but I'm getting a hankering to these days, especially after reading all the 2nd Age source material.

This entire conversation reminds me of an newspaper article I read while visiting India, about the re-education of an infamous untouchable caste village. For centuries, it was known that all the women engaged in prostitution, while all the men where what we call "dacoits" - basically armed bandits. The article mentioned the difficulties of breaking this caste cycle, providing sex education and sponsoring job programs.

Interestingly, it included a bit about the Village God and Goddess that where worshipped there. They had their own names, rituals and customs, and were embodied as a sacred tree and naturally occuring rock formation. I suppose from a Gloranthan POV, they would be considered animists, perhaps a mixed religion with the dominant Hindu theistic pair of Shiva and Shakti. And of course, as untouchables they were prevented by caste restrictions to worship more important deities (or even visit their temples), nor could they be taught how to read and study scriptures.

I thought it was fascinating that even most downtrodden elements of the caste system still had faith in the gods.

-S. Santo Sengupta
"aum shanti shanti shantih."

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