Re: About the Only Old One and Belintar. Also Esrolian mythology.

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Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2008 09:48:50 -0000

> > used this connection to learn feats from Orlanth (leaping shield),
> > Lankhor Mhy (can read, also an analyze magic feat), Chalana Arroy
> > (stop bleeding), and even Flesh Man (spirit ward). Oh, and he
> > attracted the attention of an Eurmali bondsman of a orlanthi
> > thane,
> > and ended up with a one use "lie" feat.
> Such things could hinder his Issaries purity, of course. If he plans
> to become a devotee, as he ought to do if he is going to go into
> Hell, he could find those tings a hinderance.

The character is indeed a bit of a generalist, but the player still wants him to be a devotee. I think it's about that goldentongue "trading magic" thing.

I was thinking that in the Lightbringer aspect the cults of Issaries, Orlanth, Chalana Arroy... etc, are intertwined a bit more than is usual, and even a devotee could learn single feats from fellow lightbringers. Admittedly to do such feats, he has to "be Orlanth" or "be Chalana Arroy" in addition to being Issaries.

How should this go more properly? How does an Issaries _devotee_ develop and maintain close ties to the other lightbringers, and learn versatile magic. Devotees seem to take a big hit on the versatility.

Basically, the aspect of Issaries the character seems to be emulating, is that of young Issaries exploring the world, learning new skills and magic, and trading them elsewhere as needed.

Unknowingly he's being groomed to be the Pharaoh's spy (by his uncle, the caravan master, who is such a spy).            

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