Re: Good Tricksters, Hare?

From: Dan Guillou <dguillou_at_rE2ZhGnT5ccrBW42NvsydAlrCZA2ogYlRn1RmxGL5Yy91ZPFiZ8fA2dJequ18RhYobp>
Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2008 18:14:26 +0100

Regarding the exchange between parental_unit_2 and Greg, more specifically the bit where Greg goes:

>All of them more than occasionally do good things (figure 25% good
>things, 25% evil things, 25% meaningless things, and 25% stupid things,
>about half of which hurt him).

Can I get this again, even more clearly, if you're serious about it? Because it's quite far off from how I perceived the tricky guys, R-W as well as gloranthan. Even if there are no good tricksters, I thought that there were still scope for degrees. Som tricksters, like Eurmal, has a kinda leash, and anyways do 25 % good stuff on their own. Other tricksters are nothing but bad news. Did Carrot Man ever do anyone a good turn? Does Daak the Stranger (ILHB1 p39) have a single redeeming feature?
I would have guessed that Gloranthan tricksters varied a lot in their malignancy. Real World comparison: Loki, to Coyote, to Hermes. I would also have guessed that pelorian tricksters, generally, would be more rotten, as a consequence of the solar guys' anal retentive obsession with order, no?


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