Re: Good Tricksters, Hare?

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> - Moon the Transformer, a basically benign creator figure, credited
> for creating the world as it exists and even placing the first people
> - Coyote, who is credited with creating rivers and securing salmon,
> but who also has bad habits like violating incest taboos
> - Raven, who locally is nasty (and a foe of Moon in one myth), but who
> further north is apparently more like Coyote
> - Mink, who is basically ill-behaved but less powerful than the other
> three.
> It sounds like Gloranthan tricksters are more uniform, by comparison.

More likely that the term is applied in a stricter sense. All of the above gods could have counterparts in Glorantha, but Moon, in particular, might not be called a Trickster.

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