Re: Good Tricksters, Hare?

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Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2008 19:44:01 -0000

> You mean transformation like Sartar did...
> Do you mean Trickery like thieves do...

"That is how it happened that Moon came upon Deer making spear points of bone and singing, 'With these I will kill the Transformer.' Moon suddenly appeared in front of Deer. 'Let me see those spear points,' Moon said. Not knowing who this person was, Deer gave them to Moon who placed them on Deer's wrists and saying, 'You shall be something good to eat,' Moon turned him into the deer we know today that still has those tiny bones near its ankle, so sharp you have to be careful or they will cut you."

That's pretty much the essence of it. Moon the Transformer didn't actually lie to Deer, as such, but omitted some pretty crucial information, and then transformed Deer into the animal that people hunt.

It sounds like this kind of behavior is within the sphere of a god like Orlanth -- it's not something inherently owned by the Trickster.

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