Is Daak a Trickster?

From: Benedict Adamson <yahoo_at_yPFDErtOtJd7eTsfhCIVWWNiDm7nqZJmao8ys3mg_eLLBs9RoyJgJLPewfOskFZUVhyqE9>
Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2008 21:58:50 +0000

ttrotsky2 wrote:
> Is Daak a Trickster, though? He's certainly an amoral god of theft,
> but so's Lanrbil, and he's not a Trickster, AFAIK.

I think Daak is not a trickster and is worse than Lanbril. I believe that Daak is the 'other' of the Pelandan pantheon: the site of the opposite of everything in Pelandan society and the Jerontian Way. Given that Pelandan society is cooperative, balanced, creative and peaceful, Daak is a violent sociopath and vandal, actively dangerous rather than merely random. He might be a god of serial killers.            

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