Re: Issaries Lightbringer, also Esrolian Grandmothers

From: parental_unit_2 <parental_unit_2_at_lMm-8BVThH6CHp-9MXrRSWFAgLl7vwmE0JXdW9gIOhBGz4v7fOG7IWSrOzRt>
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2008 18:46:05 -0000

We discussed this a bit in our game. One idea we had was that characters routinely sacrifice to associated gods for aid on specific tasks. They don't learn permanent feats, of course, but they do get some of the associated god's magic for some purpose, which is often all the character wants.

It's not clear how to run this idea as a GM. If it were me: I'd let the character use his own god's Mythology ability to do the ritual, but impose an improvisational penalty depending on the benefit sought and the actual target deity.

For example, suppose an Issaries character wants protection for his trade goods on a bandit-infested route. He could sacrifice to Orlanth Adventurous for it. As a GM, I might allow him to do so with his Mythology of Issaries ability, especially if the player were willing to write a capsule myth where Orlanth helped Issaries against a bandit god.

If the character wanted to sacrifice to Humakt, that might be a stretch, since the two gods don't seem that closely related, and I'd impose some kind of penalty (maybe -5).            

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