Is there two kinds of divine magic?

From: valkoharja <rintasaa_at_4zxsGGSaIVncAw6etmPKtMLypMcbAywaKL2PB_MofPnx00-y03hmpotvuHIIq4gjR13>
Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2008 18:33:21 -0000

Continuing on my problem on the subject of gaining feats from allied deities...

Feats, like we know, work by emulating your god. The closer your personal relationship and identification with the god, the more powerful your magic.

In addition to this, we have something which is a bit more remeniscient of the RQ runespells gained from assosiate cults. There is divine aid, and sacrificing directly to the other gods in the pantheon. Even if I'm an initiate of Orlanth, I can sacrifice some grain to Issaries and ask for his protection on a journey. This seems very different. It sounds like I'm addressing Issaries and asking for his blessing, instead of trying to "be Issaries" and bless myself. I wonder if I've understood this correctly?

So, when the Esrolian Issariesi want's to have the leaping shield feat, how does it work?

  1. He joins as an assosiated initiate, sacrifices some time and resources (5% commitment?) and gains a single feat. This means that in addition to emulating, even being Issaries, he needs to be able to switch tracks, and "fight like Orlanth" when he needs his leaping shield feat.
  2. There is a mechanism like that for getting divine aid, or asking for specific blessings. He isn't Orlanth, but rather is requesting his power in the fight. I'm not sure if this is appropriate for the theism or not.
  3. The myths for these assosiate cultists are such that they make it possible to wield a bit of Orlanth's power as Issaries. There is a story of how Issaries borrowed Orlanth's shield, and used it to defend himself. Having learned this myth, and gained the feat, the Issariesi can do the leaping shield feat. No doubt learning this feat requires cooperation with an orlanthi temple, and joining as an assosiate with that 5% commitment.

What do you guys think?


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