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Two key questions - where in Sylila and when? Sylila consists of many tribes and cities from several cultures: Odaylding, Heortling, Talastaring, Dara Happan, Dara Ni, and even Carmanian enclaves. The gods of Jillaro are not the same as the gods of Cafol or Thubana.

With that mind, let's focus on the Odalyings. Their ancient patron god (who got them through the Great Darkness) is Odalya the Sky Bear, who the Heortlings called Orlanth. BTW, the Odaylings learned this the hard way, when their king lost a magical contest at Grizzley Peak. At some point, the cult of Ernalda was introduced as well.

> I don't think Vingkot would be one of the subcults as he is too strongly
> associated with Orlanth and the Vingkotlings. Instead he would to be a
> distinct cult in Sylila.

Personally I doubt Vingkot was an important cult for the Odalyings, and is probably only found in the southern areas once settled by the Heortlings. On the other hand, Alakaring is much more important in Talastar, Sylila and the Lunar Provinces than in Sartar.

Additionally, I am not sure the tripartite division of Orlanth into Adventurous, Allfather, and Thunderous is so cleancut amongst the Odaylings.

> Heler is associated with Shargash and (Wild) Oslira although for
> mythical reasons, a Sylilan Helering who had worshipped one
> probably wouldn't be able to worship the other.

I disagree strongly with this. Heler is NOT associated with Shargash by any Orlanthi folk. Then again, Heler is not an important god in Sylila (or Talastar). Outside of Alkoth and Henjarl (and a few other enclaves), very few people actually initiate to Shargash. They offer the Lord of the Green City sacrifices so that he doesn't destroy them. The Odaylings especially hate Shargash and the city of Alkoth - the home of the demons of Hell after all.

> There is also the cult of the Iron Ram which is perhaps
> subservient to Shargash or Urvairinus.

The Ram is more important to the Talastarings that live in western Sylila. Probably Vorios the Ram and not the Iron Ram (although Loz might have something to say about that!). Check out the post I sent back a month or two ago, which summarizes some of the discussions Greg and I had about Talastaring Orlanth worship. Keep in mind that the Odaylings are different from the Talastarings.

> >Humakt
> Probably heavily influenced by the Imperial cult of
> Rebellus Terminus.

That's Orlanth more than Humakt. BTW, Humakt and Shargash are deadly enemies. And their cultists do not get along except in exceptional circumstances!

Ernalda is going to be very important in parts of Sylila, Oria in other parts - and in some areas those cults overlap. I suspect many Odalyings worship Oria as a sister of Ernalda, taking the same role that Esrola does in south.

Hwarin Dalthippa and Hon-Eel are going to be important and widespread goddess. Hwarin Dalthippa is the patron goddess of Jillaro and of the rulers of Sylila. Then again, Jillaro is not really an Odalying city.

Finally keep in mind that the Odalyings have lots of little gods and spirits that the Heortlings and Dara Happans do not know.

Hope this helps a little...


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