Re: Heler outside Dragon Pass and Maniria?

From: jorganos <joe_at_UcZfBCn7YPk00IAdNklGnmvWQq2BsyaikUUOezHQu3lNS82mFkButiIoEvLrzYw-7bBcA5eU>
Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2008 20:13:25 -0000

Same as Barntar or Gustbran (neither of which are Lightbringers, either) Heler fulfills a necessary function in Orlanthi agricultural societies, and with his sheep connection for some of the purely pastoralist Orlanthi as well. This makes it quite unlikely not to encounter his cult among most of the hill barbarians.

> The reason I ask: _Storm Tribe_ says that the only Helerings who
> survived the Darkness were along the Manirian coast, and in Dragon
> Pass he's associated with specific weather patterns that come from
> that area. So most Orlanthi outside of Dragon Pass and Maniria
> know Heler, if at all, only through Theyalan missionaries. He's not
> Lightbringer, so he might not have been a big deal to the Theyalans.
> On the other hand, people need rain everywhere, and they have sheep
> well. Is Heler still the god for those functions outside of Dragon
> Pass and Maniria, or are they taken over by Orlanth subcults or
> something else?

This makes Heler in the role of the leader a rather rare occurrance outside of Maniria (and resettled Dragon Pass). The weather god and sheep god aspects are not affected by lack of descendants, IMO.            

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