Re: The star of Sheng Seleris? Extent of the Seleran Empire?

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Namaste Greg:

> > I have a few questions about the stellar ascension of Sheng Seleris.
> > I understand in 1444 ST the once Pentan warlord became a new star in
> > the sky. Was this star in the same location as what is later called
> > the "Dark Spot"?
> >
> No.

Interesting. Where was it in the Sky, then? I can imagine Sheng's Star being quite mobile, as I gather that one of his primary reasons for stellar ascension was to have a means of invading the Red Moon..

> > Did the Dark Spot have other associations before
> > Sheng's ascension?
> >
> Yes. I believe Peter is right about it being the place that Lodril fell
> from, and I think it is also the spot from which math was born. I don't
> have my sources nearby.

Interesting. Do you think this would be paralleled in Teshnan myth as the place were Solf fell away from the celestial fire of Endi Varo?

> > I presume that after Argrath releases Sheng, his star returns to the
> > heavens?
> >
> I do not see that, myself. He is nowhere as powerful the second time,
> and he had changed.

Less powerful? Really? I understand that he was changed by his imprisonment in the Pits of Perdition, but it seemed to me that he was as powerful (if not more so) during his years as the Shadowmoon Emperor. I'll have to look over King of Sartar (again).

> > How large was the Seleran Khanate, at its height? I know the horde
> > shifted geographically between Kralorela and Teshnos in the East, and
> > the Lunar Empire in the West.
> >
> Peloria, Pent, Ignorance, Kralorela, sometimes parts of teshnos.

That what I generally thought. Teshnos would be an easy target for the horde to rampage and pillage, but difficult to occupy in the long run. (The surviving Teshnans would flee in to the jungle, and send the jungle spirits after the horde..) In my Glorantha, Sheng uses Teshnos as a training ground for his fallen mystics.

-S. Santo Sengupta
"Aum Shanti Shanti Shantih."


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