Re: The star of Sheng Seleris? Extent of the Seleran Empire?

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Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2008 00:55:02 -0800

Santo Sengupta wrote:

Namaste Greg:

> > I have a few questions about the stellar ascension of Sheng Seleris.
> > I understand in 1444 ST the once Pentan warlord became a new star in
> > the sky. Was this star in the same location as what is later called
> > the "Dark Spot"?
> >
> No.

Interesting. Where was it in the Sky, then?

I am not quite sure.

I can imagine Sheng's
Star being quite mobile,

That is a neat idea. Maybe so.

as I gather that one of his primary reasons for stellar ascension was to have a means of invading the Red Moon..

Well, the appearance of his star is sort of a side-affect of his tremendous personal power. It was so great that it even "reached to the skies." Thus his celestial connection was not, per se, a "primary reason for stellar ascension."

> > Did the Dark Spot have other associations before
> > Sheng's ascension?
> >
> Yes. I believe Peter is right about it being the place that Lodril fell
> from, and I think it is also the spot from which Umath was born. I don't
> have my sources nearby.

Interesting. Do you think this would be paralleled in Teshnan myth as the place were Solf fell away from the celestial fire of Endi Varo?


> > I presume that after Argrath releases Sheng, his star returns to the
> > heavens?
> >
> I do not see that, myself. He is nowhere as powerful the second time,
> and he had changed.

> Less powerful? Really?


> I understand that he was changed by his
> imprisonment in the Pits of Perdition,

His purification stripped him of much of his power.

> but it seemed to me that he was
> as powerful (if not more so) during his years as the Shadowmoon
> Emperor.

To me, he was incredibly powerful, did not ever regain the powers that he had before.

> I'll have to look over King of Sartar (again).

Please do! I am always open to illumination, especially if based on what I've said before.

> > > How large was the Seleran Khanate, at its height? I know the horde
> > > shifted geographically between Kralorela and Teshnos in the East, and
> > > the Lunar Empire in the West.
> > >
> > Peloria, Pent, Ignorance, Kralorela, sometimes parts of Teshnos.
> That what I generally thought. Teshnos would be an easy target for
> the horde to rampage and pillage, but difficult to occupy in the long
> run. (The surviving Teshnans would flee in to the jungle, and send
> the jungle spirits after the horde..) In my Glorantha, Sheng uses
> Teshnos as a training ground for his fallen mystics.

Sounds right to me.


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