Re: Heler outside Dragon Pass and Maniria?

From: Jeff Richard <richaje_at_ZnpWlTX6AzJsU_uyJZfvg-a4AiVBY5qhTLJSmGymh8UzDwsFldWOKPKaXW_N1LFQ30Kp>
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2008 09:45:49 -0000

> > It sounds as if Heler is still important in some areas of southern
> > Genertela (Wenelia, Teshnos). But what about further north, in
> > Orlanthi-influenced lands like Talastar and Sylila?
> Minimal influence. The Heler winds (springtime, from the SW) do not
> reach there, and as you said, there are other sheep deities.

Yep. When Greg and I were discussing the deities of Talastar, we discovered that the Ram is worshiped through Orlanth, not Heler. The Talastarings have plenty of Ram gods - Hagodereth, Viskuvanth and Vorios all take the form of Rams (fww, Vorios is exclusively depicted as a ram).


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