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Peter Metcalfe wrote:

At 03:34 a.m. 18/01/2008, you wrote:
> >1. I've been dazzled by the insights into my god Orlanth that
> >Draconism has provided. My priest has carved scales on our altar and
> >changed some of the words in our ceremonies. In RQ terms I continue to
> >recharge my divine magic. Am I worshipping the same god and is he
> >receiving my worship? During special services do we go to the same
> >place in the God World?
> It depends on the magic. As far as I can see, draconic magic
> comes from a different place even though the cult of Orlanth
> Dragonfriend uses Orlanthi myth with a draconic gloss to
> access them.

It's origin makes it seem like it is an overlay on Orlanth.

Part of the process of draconizaton for individuals is to see themselves as dragons, and then to slowly work away the non-dragon parts to reveal that the "overlay" really comes from deep inside.

> >2. Obviously the entire empire doesn't get wiped out by "spirits" of
> >reprisal. Does Orlanth mind, though? Does it change him?
Well, was the true Orlanth ever dragonized, really? Certainly the majority of the leaders of his people were. Did any of them actually become the one and True Orlanth?
> Orlanth himself has been captured/seduced by the Inner
> Dragon Arangorf. When he breaks free, the EWF starts to
> collapse.

Only a slight correction, in a non-gloranthan perspecive: In the Second Age it was /as if/ Orlanth had been captured.
> >3. The EWF was an Orlanthi empire, though it becomes highly stratified
> >by the 900s. Do basic ideas of justice still apply? Do I have the
> >right to own my own property, to elect chiefs, to make litigation, to
> >use traditional precedent and seek arbitration?

People live by tradition. Most people don't become mystics. They do their day to day just like their ancestors did, unless something intervenes. If something is to be changed, something else has to replace it somehow---it has to take up the attention, the thought, and the activities that are going away.

> The old ways are still around and useful when dealing with others
> who follow the old ways. The real problem is that the EWF follows
> new ways and in the case of a clash between old and new ways,
> the EWF wins throughout most of its history.

Over the years, there are draconic ideas, influences, impacts and finally, deliberate choices all of which help this process.

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