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Vesa Randelin:

> Now that I've been planning my campaign in Vogai a bit more, this
> kind of a question came to my mind. So I was wondering is there how
> much pagan worshipping in Seshnela and especially in Vogai.
> Seshna worshipping seems to be quite popular in that area as there is
> the holy place for her, Pichauve.

Pichauve is only referenced in unpublished book, unfortunately, so the NDA prevents me (as the only person who'd know the answer) from replying in any detail to that. Indeed, the book has yet to have its content officially approved by Greg, so it may not be the final answer. It's possible Rick is looking for a playtest group for HoM2, of course, in which case I have 135 pages worth of info about Seshnela I can share with you privately, but you'd have to contact him off-list to see if that's the case.

> But how the religious authorities
> see the Seshna worshipping there? Do the authorities try to remove
> the cult among the common folk, or is it acceptable in any way?

Paganism is a very bad thing, from the perspective of the Rokari. It's basically viewed in the way that the medieval Church or the New England puritans viewed witchcraft. "Burn them all; it's the only language they understand" is pretty much the extent of it.

> Then the other paganic worshippings and traditions. Is it easy for
> some peasants to turn to worship a local spirit, or does the church
> watch the peasant caste so tightly that this kind of a spirit
> worshipping is very rare? But for example in a small village with a
> small church and probably with only one priest there it might be a
> tough task to guard the people this tight.
> In my campaign I have added an old forest in Vogai, and inhabitants
> in this forrest are aldryami, who else? :). Then I added a small
> peasant village near that forest, so this made me really to think
> that the people of that village probably has something to do with
> that forest and maybe they secretly do sacrifices to the sprits of
> that forest.

In my opinion, its a lot more fun if the Inquisition has at least some *real* witches/pagans/evil sorcerers to chase, as well as burning innocent old women, people of free conscience, and so forth - ideally, it should do both. But, in order for them to be some real targets to chase, it follows that they can't be as efficient at stamping them out as they'd like, given that they've had a couple of centuries to try. HoM2 provides a few explanations for why this is, but, again, the NDA restrains me from going into detail.

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