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From: Roderick Robertson <rjremr_at_bgOtrKab1dtFWZK38DJ_IxA5IFrJE6TfjDY6zqR6_OWhbJgRjB84DH6gVd_S3p7lz6pc1>
Date: Fri, 01 Feb 2008 17:58:47 -0000

> That's what I thought. This seems to make illusion one of the most
> potent weapons of war, especially when used by mass formations of
> priests.

Not really any more powerful than any *other* magic wielded by mass formations of priests. Sunspears by Solar Priests, Strategic Comet bombing by Lunar Priests, Floods and Hurricanes summoned by the Stormies... Mass magic of any kind is extremely powerful. The difference between being able to produce a mass of men/beasts that last for a few hours or even days, and being able to rain death and destruction down on your foes from a hundred miles away...  

> If Eurmal owns the rune, do the Lunars have an equivalent trickster
> figure?

*No-one* uses Trickster (any form or name) in battle or war. By Greg's assertions, there's *at best* a 25% chance of the Trickster doing something "good" for you. If you get *many* tricksters together, that quickly lowers to 0% as they end up producing illusiary custard pies pies and fling them at each other, vomiting, farting, chasing anything with a hole, taking their heads off and juggling them, etc. etc. And there's that 25% chance that what they do is actually *bad* for you.

One trickster is bad news and you should stay away from it if you can't kill it. *Many* tricksters together are as popular as The Mother Of Monsters, the Crimson Bat, or a massive outbreak of Broo. And they are treated the same way.

> What is the link between sorcerous illusion wielded by, say a
> Carmanian, and the illusions of the puppeteer troupe?

Not much. Different style of magic, for one thing. The Puppeteer troupe has "Produce Army" and probably have some leeway about how the "army" appears (plus they can teleport between armies, which is a different spell altogether). Sorcerers have a little more leeway in what they produce, though not much. Sorcery being what it is, their magic would tend to be "Produce Illusiary Heavy Cavalry of the XVIIth Dynasty", "Produce Illusiary Granite Phalanx" and the like. They have specific spells for their magic - Sorcery is not the magic to use if you want to improvise.


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