[HeroQuest-RPG] Re: Travel Narratives in Glorantha

From: Jimbruce <john.hughes_at_eDxQqoIgWzHWrvrFY06GXYma8MTxXgAFBFCUA68HarzAf7KHeflw9mWk4oFe5Eno>
Date: Sat, 09 Feb 2008 06:52:58 -0000

Tom wrote:

> I've replied to this on ImmoderateGlorantha, though I don't know
> whether they will approve it to go through:

There is no danger of any post to the Immod group not being approved. However, the Immoderator is so laid back he may not notice your joining request for a few days. Be patient.

The history of the Immod group is long and relatively complex. Conceived as a 'free zone', it serves a fairly valuable role in open and honest communication that for whatever reason is not suitable for the official lists. And despite the compulsory insults, it has been remarkably effective in building and maintaining community. It can also get very funny.



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