Re: Gloranthan Holiday

From: John Hughes <john.hughes_at_bzdv6VGneR46D-b3aYjCaRMsmnT3PGsCWFXaBjpszYnpkdsbYT81JWPemOLBAeTz>
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2008 09:21:17 +1100

And Adrian Smiths.

And mine.

Not sixtieth. Just birthdays. 9 Feb gets kinda busy. :)

Special congrats to Greg on this happy milestone.

Here's to a creative, joyful and peaceful year for us all.


At 10:48 PM 10/02/2008, you wrote:
>Hello Friends
>Today (February 9th) is Gregs 60th birthday!
>Happy Birthday, Greg!
>Makes you that fact to a "Gloranthan Elder" or a "Gloranthan Great Old One"?

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