Children of Heroes?

From: bryan_thx <bethexton_at_zWO0TDy6UjiGSo5omXxkFwuULbO7fY6Yd6nT2kdDCUUQ050sVVwpOc1ztAw87OJyG2>
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2008 15:12:15 -0000

(I'm talking capital-H-Heroes here, not euphemism for player character).

In the HQ core rules it talks about typical magical abilities/levels for children of supernatural beings (demi-gods, essentially).

But I was wondering if Heroes who gather great personal magical powers pass any of that onto their children, as a general rule? (Not meaning that they may pass along position and weapons, but rather the personal power they've gained). Which I guess is maybe just another way of approaching "If you gain power directly from the otherworld, does it become part of your nature (and so may pass on, like any other part of your nature), or is it always a 'borrowed' power, that you hold for only some period of time (even if that period is your life).

To put it in terms of hypothetical examples:
- Able becomes a powerful priest and devotee, drawing great power from
his god.
- Baker becomes a powerful shaman, with a fetch and command over many
powerful spirits.
- Charlie gains control over his seventh breath while on a quest, and
afterwards can blow out gale force winds.

Ables magic all comes from his god. His child may also be become a devotee or priest, but has to get his own link to a god to get any magic, none of it inherits.

Baker calls most of his magic from spirits, although his fetch is a part of himself. His child will not start off knowing any spirits, but may also have the inherent ability to awaken his fetch--although that is still not inherited power so much as inherited potential.

Charlie, I'm not so sure about. Would his child perhaps get a weaker version of this power? Would it depend on how Charlie gained the power?



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