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YGWV Boris Yarko wrote:
> Donald wrote:
> > I'm not sure there is a definite answer - I suspect it depends on
> > who in Glorantha you ask.
> > On page 169 of TR two alternatives are listed :
> > The commonest one is Finovan, Helamakt, Hedkoranth and Enferalda.
> > While the Lightbringer's Varient is Humakt, Elmal, Ohorlanth, and
> > Heler.
> The first list seems more suitable to fit with the problem of the
> death of Orlanth as Finovan, Helamakt, Hedkoranth and Enferalda are
> completely affected by the Fimbulwinter whereas Humakt, Elmal and
> Heler are not.

The "Four Storms" is a standard for Orlanthi warriors. The people in the positions can change, but the positions remain the same: sword man on right, shield man on left, spear man, behind, supporter/javelineer behind.
> > I think that Orlanth has seven storms: Daylanus, Hedkoranth,
> > Helamakt, Ohorlanth, Vingkot, and Yavor all take the Storm affinity
> > from Orlanth's Thunderous aspect, plus Vinga, whose Defender Storm
> > subcult is the only ST subsult that has the Storm affinity other
> > than Valind (see below). These are all "parts" or "children" of
> > Orlanth. All of them are fighters.
> I like the coherence of this proposal. Furthermore, they are aspects
> of Orlanth which are affected by the Fimbulwinter.

The Seven Storms are the one before Orlanth, to his right, behind him, to his left, above him, and beneath him. The Seventh is he one in the center.
> In this case Helamakt and Hedkoranth belong to both the Seven Storms
> and the Four Fighting Storms.

The membership in these groups varies considerably depending on where the worshiper is. Many deities (can) belong to both groups.
> 1)TR, p. 241 :"Once they filled the whole world, but the Lunars have
> forced them into tiny prisons. Six storms have fallen to the evil
> sorcery of the Lunar Empire, and they have trapped the seventh inside
> Whitewall."
> --> According to this, it seems that six of the seven storms should
> have been already imprisoned when the siege of Whitewall occurs. So
> the magic of six of these subcults should disappear before the Death
> of Orlanth.
> --> Why did it not happen ?

I didn't know any worshipers of those deities beforehand, when I was writing the adventure. Or maybe the claim is Lunar propaganda?
> 2) Which of the Seven Storms is the one "trapped inside Whitewall" ?
> --> Vinga ? (because of Kallyr Starbrow)
> --> Ohorlanth ? (because it is the "mother" of all storms)

It is Orlanth himself trapped in Whitewall.
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