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Boris Yarko wrote:

<>, Greg Stafford <Greg_at_...> wrote:
> > The "Four Storms" is a standard for Orlanthi warriors. The people
> > in the positions can change, but the positions remain the same :
> > sword man on right, shield man on left, spear man, behind,
> > supporter/javelineer behind.

> Ok, but I'm trying to find out how the Lunars succeed in killing /
> chaining / whatever they did Orlanth. Consequently I need identified
> targets for their evil sorcery, rituals, heroquests...

These are, of course, the precise details of which you will need to work out for your game. I am happy to provide the details and facts that I know for you.  

> I think that I will keep Finovan, Helamakt, Hedkoranth and Enferalda.
> But if they are other examples of association, I'll be glad to read
> them.

As you wish.

> > The Seven Storms are the one before Orlanth, to his right, behind
> > him, to his left, above him, and beneath him. The Seventh is he one
> > in the center.
> a) Does these mean that the Seven Storm are formed by three of the
> Four Fighting Storms (on right : the sword man storm, on left : the
> shield man storm, and behind : the spear man storm) ?

Not necessarily. The 4 storms and 7 storms are different formations. though similar, and sharing entities who can serve, they are not one placed atop the other. The Four Winds is a close combat formation that most Orlanthi chiefs, leaders and so on have. The Seven formation is more magic oriented.

> b) So I can assume that the seventh storm is Orlanth himself or his
> primary storm Ohorlanth ?

For stories of the gods, yes. Although, I want to stress, it could be any fighting deity in there.  

> c) What does this distribution (is it the appropriate english word ?)

Yes, right word.
> of the storms around Orlanth symbolize ?

For the four storms it is the fighting formation that men take to protect their leader. Nothing esoteric there. For the Seven Storms, they are the Complete Storm.  

> > I didn't know any worshipers of those deities beforehand, when I
> > was writing the adventure.
> That's a clear and honest answer, "chapeau bas".
> > Or maybe the claim is Lunar propaganda?
> This reply is the tricky one... ;)
> Maybe, but as my Glorantha May/Will/Must Vary, I will state that it's
> pure and simple truth.

Somethin always is.  

> > > 2) Which of the Seven Storms is the one "trapped inside
> Whitewall" ?
> > It is Orlanth himself trapped in Whitewall.
> Ok, so Orlanth himself is the seventh storm.
Yes, in this story.  


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