Re: The Disintegration of Orlanth

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Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2008 08:12:03 -0800

Boris Yarko wrote:
> THE SEVEN PARTS OF ORLANTH : (these are pure speculations, My
> Glorantha Is Varying)

Since YGIV on this, perhaps I need not reply here. However, I want to note that this is very lunar of you! The Lunar Soul has 7 parts, but the Orlanthi one has only 5.

NOW, this fact applies to the humans--they have "5 souls," each of which is associated with one of the elements.
The Earth Soul, for instance, has to do with the physical, material reality. The Air Soul is the breath of the living-when someone is dead, their breath goes out of them.

NOW, these might not be applicable to Orlanth, a Great God. Nonetheless, they CAN BE applied by the worshipers, and are.

So Orlanth has 5 parts.

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