Re: The Disintegration of Orlanth

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Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2008 00:42:58 GMT

In message <> Greg Stafford writes:

>Here is an article that I am working on the for the Big book of Ernalda
>and Orlanth.This article is not finished because i am undecided on what
>is beleived, what works--ie, what is actual.
>Nonetheless, I share it here in its raw and unfinished form in the hopes
>that it may provoke discussion that will provide me with the insight
>that I want. So in advance I ask the people to speculate, reason and
>intuit on this; and share that! And also, to those whose ideas might be
>rejected, please forgive that.


>Love; desire, sex
>Conflict; death, violence

This pair doesn't seem right - they aren't really opposites. I think I'd go for Conflict and Co-operation which in Orlanthi terms would be Orlanth and Ernalda although I wouldn't label them male and female. Aternatively you might prefer Love and Hate or even Love and Indifference.

Haven't any ideas on the rest - they seem pretty straight forward. So I'm probably missing something deep.

Donald Oddy


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