Re: Levirate Marriage in Glorantha?

From: CJ <chris.romer_at_7Ivtlw_X6rG8zAh6Yaab_e5oSUN6hWjQUQstzE35iVCYnfLJPYggaolkuJ3GQ2vP>
Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2008 00:57:31 -0000

Hi John, thanks for the detailed and interesting response! In fact the issue revolved around a curse on a blood lineage, and i wondered if levirate marriage might allow a legal descendant without direct blood descent from the eldest son, for a plot I was writing for a scenario. There are other ways round it, but it just made me think - this could work for the story. Thanks to Greg for the clarification as well.

I'm currently trying to write adventures for both HQ (Heortland) and MRQ (Dara Happan) to demo the systems, and that was all that inspired the comment. Sorry for the derail.

cj x

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