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>Where did the Lanksti Orlanthi come from? Sources seem to vary on
>this. Are they Vingkotlings? Did they come from Talastar? Or perhaps
>they migrated northward from Slontos?

My belief is that the Orlanthi of Ralios are natives who were converted by Dawn Age missionaries from the First Council. I'm not as familiar with Lankst as I am with Delela, but they were likely various hsunchen folk at the time (the Bemuri, or cattle-folk, were relatively easy to adapt to Lightbringer worship).

They are not Vingkotlings -- see

>I'm starting a 2nd age campaign in Lankst, and I'd like to have as
>much published background on the area as possible before I begin to
>tweak the variable settings on my Glorantha.

Lankst is Alakoring's homeland.

You've gotten Mongoose's PDF on Ralios? Check out my web site's info on Ralios too.


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