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From: Greg Stafford <Greg_at_BFoSB3FS_nXKNz9rt9JBHE8MS73mD8i7LFt7o07tVPW1JQB-tT0jQCbsSwktfEnFm8ClbSa>
Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2008 11:52:05 -0800

David Dunham wrote:
> >Where did the Lanksti Orlanthi come from? Sources seem to vary on
> >this. Are they Vingkotlings? Did they come from Talastar? Or perhaps
> >they migrated northward from Slontos?
> My belief is that the Orlanthi of Ralios are natives who were
> converted by Dawn Age missionaries from the First Council.

That is correct. For most of them, anyway. Some came all the way from Dragon pass, as missionaries.
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