Re: Lanksti Orlanthi

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Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2008 10:00:26 -0000

IIRC there was also a group of settlers that came across Kartolin Pass after the missionaries had arrived. This led to conflict between native people (of beastfolk origin) and new colonists claiming their ancient lands, and started one of the first wars of the Second Council.

Those settlers coming through Dorastor could have been Pelorian Orlanthi of any origin, including some Vingkotling roots.

The inhabitants of the Upper Tanier Valley remained apart from the Korioni-dominated folk closer to Lake Felster.

For our freeform "Rise of Ralios" we assumed that they were not among the supporters of Arkat (which gave way to the nice, YGWW approach that the Orlanthi rescuee in the (second) Lightbringers Quest was to be Nysalor after the first rescuee, one of the Arkats, proved to be not quite what they wanted - but that's no different from how Harmast fared...).            

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