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From: CJ <chris.romer_at_84Sobk8nvrcLgz_8S2HjPC5b-2q58Da-amBD3kwlq6MgxqZ7o-mPyowIicxC1q5f>
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2008 19:41:57 -0000

From: Greg Stafford

The first human settlers there were brought by the God Learners. The settlers were from several regions, and the GL thought that Umath was the god that they all shared in common. So they called this "the land of Umath," or Umathela.

Thank you, that makes perfect sense to me now. Hence the Theyalan culture which can still be found there? I recall Sandy Petersen many years ago discussing a cross-Pamaltela game, and having dusted off Men of the Sea am now considering something set there. :) I usually associate Umath with the North, so I wondered if there was some God Time association, or even a weird God Learner experiment in mythic topography, but the real reason is good to know. Thanks for the very fast reply!

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