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>Hence the Theyalan culture which can still be found there?

How Theyalan the cultures are is up to you, but IMG they've diverged considerably over the centuries of isolation, and weren't really Theyalan in the first place (the majority of settlers being from Slontos and vicinity). (That is, their culture wasn't Theyalan, though they presumbably had the Theyalan religion.)

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>having dusted off Men of the Sea am now considering something set there. :)

Nice! Men of the Sea only talks about the coastal Malki, who aren't at all Theyalan.

IMO it's a great place to set a campaign, because Vralos is the meeting point of four cultures.

>I usually associate Umath with the
>North, so I wondered if there was some God Time association, or even a weird
>God Learner experiment in mythic topography, but the real reason is good to

If you have the unfinished work Arcane Lore, check out the Early Storm Age map on p.59, which shows "Umath's Throne" on northern Pamaltela.


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