Continuum 2008 Early Bird Registration ends soon

From: continuum2008 <Continuum2008_at_acGVS3o1foPQTA3H6lSx1KQvW0r1_4IYkPDIH-0g4SRsDZaWYWa4Ov0lAsTjjr>
Date: Fri, 29 Feb 2008 11:19:53 -0000

If you want to book for Continuum and take advantage of the discounted Early Bird registration, you have just over a month to do it!

As of 1st April, the membership registration rises from *20 to 35*, so don't leave it until the last minute - book your Continuum attendance *now*and assure yourself a place at one of the friendliest, best, game conventions in the Known Universe, and at the *best possible price!*

Guests of Honour include:

Other guests to be announced in the next few weeks!

*So remember: send you registration before March 31st March to take advantage of the reduced convention registration price of 20. Full registration details available on

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