Re: Mysticism and Dream Magic

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Date: Fri, 29 Feb 2008 19:58:24 -0000

I'm a bit confused here. It sounds like you can study all you want, increasing your ability all the while. But, as soon as you actually use it, it's frozen and your soul dies. Does the body keep living? Is using mysticism an inherently evil act, or just misguided?

> Draconism
> The higher purpose of Kralori religion is becoming a Dragon.
> The Kralori are aware of the mystical path but seek its
> fruits by becoming a dragon rather than studying the
> mystical path directly. They seek to acquire the ability
> to fly into the Void in which the ultimate is to be found.
> I think that Kralori who seek the Draconic path will have
> a Dragon soul ability similar to the Seventh Soul of
> the Lunars described in ILH-2. They must struggle
> against the temptations of the world with gross lapses
> causing a portion of their draconic nature (ie eye,
> wings, scale, tail etc) has become revealed and fixed.
> Once a draconic portion has become revealed, it
> can be manifested without trouble but can no longer
> be improved. The Draconists do not like to show
> off their manifest portions too much for fear that
> gratuitous usage will cause other portions to reveal
> themselves and set.

So it's like Mysticism in that once you actually use it, it's stuck? Is a revealed part permanently manifested (like you always have claws) or does it only show up when being used?
> --Peter Metcalfe

Thanks a LOT for the info. It's very useful. Thanks to everybody for helping me with this.


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