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John Galloway:

> 1) Is Lodril considered to be a minor god by the Dara Happans?

The peasants worship him above all others, although Yelm, Aether and Dayzatar are technically above Lodril (in many ways) they don't worship them, but they do worship Lodril. The nobility don't worship Lodril but know he is important and honour him as Yelm's brother. The priests know that he can cause the peasants to rise up against the nobility, so they keep him happy.

> 2) Is Lodril a minor god?

Mythologically speaking, he is a major god, son of a member of the Celestial Court, of the same rank as Yelm or Orlanth. He was also given a third of the Cosmos (Dayzatar the Sky, Yelm the Earth and Lodril everything below the earth) by Aether, so he rules the Solar/Dara Happan Underworld. I think he was originally given the Surface World and Yelm the Underworld, buy Yelm didn't like it and so they swapped. Perhaps that's why Yelm and Lodril are both connected to the Underworld and the Surface World.

He raised mountains in Pamaltela, became a volcano in Caladraland and is the god of most of the peasants in Dara Happa and possibly many in Peloria in general.

He is the god of the peasant spearmen and has a subcult called the Invisible Spear that teaches peasants the use of the spear where they are forbidden its use. As Monster Man he is the god of the Underworld and the god of downtrodden peasants and Righteous Rebellion. When peasants are oppressed more than usual, they can call on Monster Man and can legitimately rise up against their oppressors, this isn't something that is widely publicised by the nobility, but the priests know about it and they tend not to oppress the peasants unduly.

He is a husband of Oria, Ernalda and Esrola and father to a whole host of deities spread throughout Genertela and beyond. He was one of Pamalt's deities. He is associated with the Underworld, The Earth and the Sky (as the Sky Spear) so he encompasses pretty much the whole of the world. He is even worshipped by the enemies of Dara Happa, by trolls.

So, as a god he is a culture god, a fertility god, a god of fire and heat, a god of peasants and slaves, son of the first Emperor, brother to the Second Emperor and ruler of his own domains.            

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